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About Chernivtsi City

Let’s know more about the city where Bukovinian State Medical University is situated:

Chernivtsi is located in the historic region of Bukovina, which is currently shared between Romania (south) and Ukraine (north). Chernivtsi is located in the southwest of Ukraine, in the eastern Carpathians, on the border between the Carpathians and the East European Plain, 40 km from the border with Romania. The city lies 248 meters above sea level and is surrounded by forests and fields. The River Prut runs through the city’s landscape. The city is located in the Eastern European time zone in the region of 26 meridians.

Population – 267,060.  Area – 153 km2

The city is located in a temperate climate zone. The climate is continental with mild winters and warm summers. The average annual temperature is +8,6 °C, the lowest in January (-2,9 °C), the highest – in July (+19,8 °C). Winter usually comes on 28 November and ends 9 March; summer begins on 20 May, and ends on 10 September. The average annual rainfall in Chernivtsi is 621 mm, with the lowest – in October and January–February, the highest – in June–July. Sometimes there are heavy rains during the summer.[26] Snow cover is formed each winter, but its altitude is insignificant. The average wind speed ranges from 3.3 m/s in July to 4.0 m/s in January. The average annual humidity is 77%.

Chernivtsi is a city of western Ukraine, economic and political center of Northern Bukovina.The city has one of the cultural and educational centers of Ukraine. It is a city of old traditions with innovations over 600 years in dynamic and cultural architecture, exquisite art. Chernivtsi region borders on Ternopil, Ivano–Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky and Vinnitsa regions of Ukraine, Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

The Chernivtsi city is well-known for various culture of nationalities and warm hospitality of inhabitants.The major part of a Bukovinian State Medical University lies in the city. At Chernivtsi City, you will come across with a soul of ancient Bukovnya, legendary Carpathian mountains and intellectual societies.

About Bukovinian State Medical University, Ukraine

Bukovinian State Medical University is the higher educational establishment in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

It was founded in the year 1944. The university has trained 25000 specialists in various discipline like General Medicine, Pediatrics, Medical Psychology, Stomatology, Pharmacy.

It is one of the multicultural educational institution accredited by WHO, Magna Charta Universitatum, Association of Carpathian region with qualified training as per grade system of education. The foundation is associated with names of well-known scientists.

The universities graduates enhance their skills in Medical, Educational, Pharmaceutical, Social and Cultural Spheres. The university organizes the online lectures by a well-known scientist for students from Ukraine and abroad also.

The Bukovinian State Medical University has 27 clinical sectors including 17 therapeutic establishments and 10 municipal sectors. The university itself is a recognized member of International university association, European University Association.

Structure of Bukovinian State Medical University

The Structure of Bukovinian State Medical University has a blend of academic buildings, complex, hospitals and a playground:

  • University includes a lyceum, Vashkivtsi, Chernivtsi, Novoselitsa and Kovel Medical Colleges, four medical faculties, the faculty of dentistry and pharmaceutical faculty, the scientific training institute of postgraduate education, preparatory departments for Ukrainian and foreign students.
  • Nowadays the University has 12 academic buildings, all the clinical departments are located in 32 medical and pharmaceutical institutions of Chernivtsi and are equipped with modern facilities.
  • There are 17 computer labs used for teaching, practical classes and seminars, testing, studying e-learning textbooks, on-line display of surgeries, etc. Since August 2014 one of the Emergency care hospitals of Chernivtsi was reorganized into the University Hospital.
  • The University library is a coordinating network which consists of 5 libraries and 9 reading rooms with Wi-Fi access system. Today the library fund includes more than 400 thousand copies. All students have free access to the library and can use its resources free of charge.

Accreditation and Recognitions

Bukovinian State Medical University is one of the leading medical universities of the IV level of accreditation.

International Recognition of University :

  • Medical Council of India
  • World Health Organization

Benfits and Advantages of pursuing MBBS in Bukovinian State Medical University

Medical education at Bukovinian State Medical University is cost-effective and internationally recognized. The benefits of pursuing an MD/MBBS education at University are:

  • Cultural exposure is provided for an international student who come to study MBBS at BSMU.
  • Snack bars and cafes are located in the campus of the university.
  • The cost of living for MBBS students in Ukraine is quite affordable.
  • Student exchange programs with countries like Russia, Germany, Poland, USA are organized by Bukovinian State Medical University.
  • At BSMU, tuition fees is low. So, it is easy for a student to get an admission in the university.
  • Bukovinian State Medical University provides an opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge and vision.
  • Student from BSMU can work in leading scientific research labs with reputed scientists and practitioner.
  • There is employment assistance provided to each graduate with aid of Bukovinian State Medical University.
  • The university offers excellent learning and master practical skills for medical practitioners.
  • Assistance is provided by the university for the students to search for a job in relevant fields.
  • Practical & advanced training programs are organized by the university to encourage the academic mobility of students.
  • The university has an excellent candidate base which includes candidates of sciences, Doctors of sciences, Laureates of state prize in the field of science, honoured doctors of Ukraine.
  • The Distance learning environment at the university contains electronic educational and methodological material for students’ reference.
  • MBBS degree from Bukovinian State Medical University has a global recognition.

Bukovinian State Medical University – Quick Overview

Last Date to ApplyNovember, 2020
Basic Eligibility50% in PCB
NEET ExamYes, it is compulsory
Tuition Fees$ 3900 per year
Course Duration6 years
Medium of EducationEnglish
Recognition of UniversityMCI and WHO approved
University RankingUkraine Ranking – 27 / World Ranking – 3882
Quick Facts
Accreditation4th Level of Accreditation
NEET ExamYes, it is compulsory
Teaching Staff600
Students Trained4500+

Bukovinian State Medical University – Fee Structure 2020-21

Tuition Fee$ 3900$ 3900$ 3900$ 3900$ 3900$ 3900
Hostel$ 500$ 500$ 500$ 500$ 500$ 500
Food$ 1000$ 1000$ 1000$ 1000$ 1000$ 1000
Total Fees$ 5,400$ 5,400$ 5,400$ 5,400$ 5,400$ 5,400


  • This university would include OTC – One Time Charges in Ukraine
  • $1 = Rs.70 (It may vary)
  • All the fees to the university have to be paid in US$ only
  • All the above-mentioned living expenses are subject to the student’s lifestyle and university
  • Tuition & Hostel fees may increase every year
  • No hidden charges

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Course Duration of MBBS at Bukovinian State Medical University

6-year medicine program at Bukovinian State Medical University consists of 20 weeks in each semester:

  • Bukovinian State Medical University offers a 6 year MD course which is equivalent to an MBBS degree in India.
  • The course of study comprises the study of a number of medical problems, cardiovascular system, tuberculosis, endocrine and immune system.

Bukovinian State Medical University : MBBS Syllabus

Bukovinian State Medical University has an internationally recognized curriculum for the MBBS course:

1st Year Course
SociologyMedical Chemistry
Human AnatomyMedical Biology
Ukrainian languageBiophysics
Latin LanguageCulturology
ElectivesPhysical Education
2nd Year Course
PhilosophyHuman Anatomy
PediatricsInternal Medicine
Operative SurgeryMicrobiology
Ukrainian LanguageGeneral Surgery
InformaticsElective Course
Emergency MedicinePhysical Education
3rd Year Course
MicrobiologyInternal Disease
Medical HygieneOperative Surgery
PsychologyGeneral Surgery
PathologyInternal Disease
Elective Course
4th Year Course
General SurgeryBiostatistics
Obs.& GynSports Medicine
ENTCommunity Medicine
Elective CourseForensics
5th Year Course
General SurgeryAutopsy
Obs & GynPediatric Surgery
Infectious DiseaseForensic Medicine
NeurosurgeryNuclear Medicine
6th Year Course
Internal MedicineSurgery
PediatricsPediatric Surgery
Family MedicineInfectious Diseases
HygieneCommunity Medicine
TuberculosisObs & Gyn
Elective Course

Eligibility Criteria: For Medicine Course

For enrolling into the course of medicine at Bukovinian State Medical University, students needs to follow the eligibility criteria as given below:

  • Students aspiring MBBS from BSMU must be appeared for a subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th class and should have qualified with minimum 50% marks.
  • The medical aspirant should have to clear NEET entrance exam. No additional exams will be taken for admission to Bukovinian State Medical University
  • The candidate age should be 17 years as prescribed by Medical norms.
  • The candidate should have a character certificate approved by respective authorities.

Admission Procedure at Bukovinian State Medical University in Ukraine

Follow the step-by-step admission process shown below to have a hassle-free admission in Bukovinian State Medical University:

Step 1: Follow the information about the academic curriculum on the official portal of the university.

Step 2: Select your course & language of instruction for your study.

Step 3: Check your eligibility with minimum entrance requirements.

Step 4: Upload the copies of documents & submit the application.

Step 5: After reviewing your documents, the admission committee will send the application to the Department of International Relations.

Step 6: The admission committee will decide the possibility of your application for the invitation.

Step 7: After receiving the invitation letter from the university, you can start preparing necessary documents for the student visa.

Step 8: Moreover, students should inform the date of arrival at the university.

Required Documents:

Refer the below documents checklists for applying MBBS course at Bukovinian State Medical University:

  • Copy of application form
  • Copy of higher secondary education marksheets & transcripts
  • Copy of Passport
  • Medical certificate certified by healthcare authority
  • Insurance policy for emergency medical care
  • Copy of document which contains the information about previous higher education level, credits received, academic achievements & length of study
  • Evidence of documents reflecting absence of HIV infection
  • Air ticket
  • Birth certificate
  • 6 photographs (6x4cm)

Bukovinian State Medical University – Ranking 2020

According to, following is the country and world ranking for Bukovinian State Medical University:


Medium of Teaching

English is a commonly taught language at Bukovinian State Medical University:

  • The medium of teaching provided to students is English and Ukrainian.
  • The faculty have a good command over foreign language and abundant experience of training foreign students.

Hostel Facilities

Hostel & Accommodation at Bukovinian State Medical University provided on the first come first serve basis:

  • The university has a 7 hostel with corridor type and block type buildings.
  • The rooms are assigned to students with capacity of 3-4 students in each room.
  • The hostel no. 2,4,5,6,7 are assigned to foreign students.
  • The university’s hostel provides adequate living conditions, proper conditions for self studying and organization of leisure activities.
  • All the rooms are well furnished and equipped with stuff like blanket, pillows etc.
  • There are residential quarters are available such as laundry, canteen, gym and library.
  • The reading hall available in hostel campus having 480 manuals of scientific and methodical literature in English.

Living Cost at Bukovinian State Medical University, Ukraine

Accommodation25,000 to 30,000357 – 428
Food7000 to 8400100-120
Transport1000 to 200014 – 28

Note:1$= Rs.70

Bukovinian State Medical University – FMGE Performance 2019

Find the passing percent and appeared students in year 2019 for Bukovinian State Medical University is here in the table below:

Bukovinian State Medical University50018336.60%

Faculties Offered in Bukovinian State Medical University

  1. Medical

  2. Pediatrics

  3. Stomatology

  4. Pharmaceutical

  5. Advanced Medical Studies

  6. Preparatory

Faculties of Postgraduate Studies

Bukovinian State Medical University offers Masters & Specialization program in the field of medicine:

  • Obtaining the degree of Master of Medicine in the certain specialist by physician and pharmacists
  • Inaugurating the high medical educational establishment with III-IV accreditation level in clinical residency.
  • Probation of physicians who had taken a break in their practical activities.
  • To establish scientific substantiated standards for postgraduate education.

Learning Process

The medical education at Bukovinian State Medical University is carried out according to the license issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

The BSMU nurture medical education through:

  • 6 Faculties
  • 49 Departments
  • Education training center of simulation medicine
  • Educational producing chemist
  • Educational scientific institute of postgraduate education

The university trains the national & international students in 8 different faculties, 33 therapeutic preventive & pharmaceutical institutions, 428 candidates of science, associate professors, candidates of sciences, doctors of sciences, 2 laureates of the state prize in the field of science & technology.

Assistance center of employment assists the students & graduates to find their future jobs in a renowned company. The university offers practical training for the students & teachers at the universities of Italy, Austria, France, Germany etc.

NEET compulsion for MBBS in Abroad

As per the Medical Council of Indian, any student who wishes to pursue MBBS from abroad must qualify NEET-UG exam, any student who fails to get minimum qualifying score in NEET-UG is not allowed to enrol for Medical Universities Abroad.

Scientific Research Programme

With advanced scientific research, the university has developed practical researches for society:

  • The scientific research society works progressively at BSMU.
  • With the student’s area of interest, they will gain a practical and theoretical skill of working with scientific literature.
  • During the 2nd and 3rd year course of study, students can participate in practical researches or in the programmes organized by research department of medical discipline.
  • As per student’s involvement in research projects, upto the 100 scientific papers are published every year.
  • Bukovinian International Medical Conference provides the platform for students who want to present their work and research results.
  • Young scientists from all over the world are welcome to participate in the event.
  • English is a conference language for every foreigner.
  • Also, the university organizes the online lecture by professors and practitioner from Poland, USA, Spain, Switzerland.
  • The BSMU invites the educators from India to teach students so that they can be qualified in MCI Screening Test or Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE).

Rector’s Message – Taras Mykolayovych Boychuk

Dear Students,

It’s such a joy and honor to welcome you, dear future healers and conforters of the world at BSMU. We’ve always been more than just being a medical school.

The university has seen many a scholar, scientist and physician walk its hallowed aisle; who transformed the world around them.

Come be a part of the transformatory journey with us.

Bukovinian State Medical University – Important FAQs

Where is the Bukovinian State Medical University located?
The university is located in Chernivtsi in western Ukraine.

How to reach Bukovinian Medical University?
You can travel via a flight from Kyiv to Chernivtsi.

Which are the courses offered?
The university trains the specialists in:

  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing

Is there are any accommodation facilities available for international students?
Yes. Separate hostels are provided to international students.
Foreign students can stay in hostel no. 2,4,5,6 or 7.

Can I practice in India after completion of MBBS from Bukovinian SMU?
Yes, you can practice in India. Since the medical courses at Bukovinian SMU are recognized by MCI and WHO.

What is the mode of tuition fee payment for MBBS course at Bukovinian University?
You can pay the fee through bank transfer on an account of Dean of the university or any other university’s account. The fees will be collected in the form of US dollars.

Is there any language barrier while studying at Bukovinian State Medical University?
No. English is the primary language taught for studying MBBS courses at Bukovinian SMU.

Know about ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

Students who want to know about the European Union Credit Transfer System must go through these points:

  • European Union Course Credits Transfer System (ECTS) was established by the commission of the European Union in order to approve the procedures of academic recognition of studies abroad.
  • The ECTS system depends upon the mutual relationship between higher education institutions.
  • ECTS system makes the study programme flexible and readable for both local and foreign students.
  • ECTS has developed the accumulation system at Institutional, national, regional and European level.
  • ECTS helps the universities to revise their academic study programmes.
  • ECTS facilitates academic recognition of universities at international level.
  • ECTS system based on 3 core activities:
    • Information (study programmes),
    • Mutual agreement (between partner institutions and student),
    • Use of ECTS credits (to indicate students workload).

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